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Additional software

This is a small collection of additional software that is needed or may be useful when running a NiKom system. Some of it is freeware and some of it was once shareware or commercial products. Due to the state of the Amiga ecosystem nowadays it can probably be considered to be "abandonware".

tnddev1p0.lha Telnetd.device v1.0 (31.8.93). This is the official demo version including documentation. The demo version is limited in several ways. I have also had big problems running it using FS-UAE.
tnddev_1.95.lha Telnetd.device v1.95 (2.4.95). This is a non-restricted version for AmiTCP. Only the device file is included in the archive. The source of this file is somewhat unknown but it probably comes from a shareware distribution of AmiTCP. Apparently it does not work on a 68000 processor.
move1_0d.lha An implementation of move. A command that works like rename but can also move files between volumes. This is used by the internal ARexx script that moves a newly uploaded file from the temporary directory to its final destination.
fifolib384.lha Fifo.library v38.4. This is needed when running the ARexx commands runfifo and runrawfifo (which lets you run external programs and have their input and output be redirected through NiKom).
xprzmodem_256.lha A stable version of xprzmodem.library 2.x. XprZmodem is the library NiKom uses for ZModem file transfers.
XPRZ351.LHA The latest version of xprzmodem.library 3.x.