Welcome to the website of NiKom! NiKom is a bulletin board system, BBS, for Amiga computers originally developed between 1990 and 1998. In 2015 the system sprung back to life as an open source project on GitHub:

NiKom was originally entirely in Swedish and conforms to the style of "KOM" (or KOMpatible), a type of command driven bulletin board systems that was popular in Sweden in the pre-internet days. Recently partial support for English has been added.

On this site you can find downloadable releases of NiKom and other information. In the future it may be expanded with tutorials about how to setup a new NiKom system and how to login and use it.

For questions and discussions about NiKom, log in to NiKom BBS.

For information about changes in different versions, see the NiKom blog or the Release Notes on GitHub.

Niklas Lindholm,

NiKomFull_2.6.0.lha2021-05-08NiKom v2.6.0, full release.
NiKomFull_2.5.0.lha2019-01-20NiKom v2.5.0, full release.
NiKomBin_2.4.1.lha2018-09-30NiKom v2.4.1, bug fixes for 2.4.x. Binaries only.
NiKomFull_2.4.0.lha2018-04-15NiKom v2.4.0, full release.
NiKomBin_2.3.1.lha2017-07-01NiKom v2.3.1, language fixes for 2.3.x. Binaries only.
NiKomFull_2.3.0.lha2017-06-11NiKom v2.3.0, full release.
NiKomFull_2.2.0.lha2016-10-05NiKom v2.2.0, full release.
NiKomBin_2.1.2.lha2016-08-14NiKom v2.1.2, FidoNet fix for 2.1.x. Binaries only.
NiKomBin_2.1.1.lha2016-04-16NiKom v2.1.1, bugfixes for 2.1.x. Binaries only.
NiKomFull_2.1.0.lha2016-04-11NiKom v2.1.0, full release.
NiKomFull_2.0.0.lha2015-12-06NiKom v2.0.0, full release.
NiKomBinDistr_1.61.lha2015-08-25NiKom v1.61, 68020 binaries only.
NiKomBinDistr_1.61_68000.lha2015-08-25NiKom v1.61, 68000 binaries only.
NiKomv160.lzx1998-10-05NiKom v1.60, full releease.

Active BBS:es

Amazingly enough there are a couple of NiKom BBS:es that are up and running. Some running on actual original Amiga hardware, some running on Amiga emulators. This is a list as of 2018-10-28.

At the peak in the 90s there were an estimated 50-60 BBS:es running NiKom online. A little over 100 licenses for the software were sold.

BBS NameInfoOriginally opened
NiKom BBS 1991
Fabbes BBS 1993
The ERICADE Network 1993
Delta City 2015
Retrobasen 2015



Some links to other KOMpatible systems. (Mainly in Swedish.)