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NiKom BBS was the BBS where NiKom was developed and where support was given to other sysops with a BBS running NiKom. It was obviously also the first ever BBS to run NiKom. It opened for business on Feb 4th 1991 and was shut down on Jan 1st 1997. Back then a memorial web site was created to remember its six years online. (In Swedish only..)

On Oct 25th 2015 NiKom BBS rose from the dead and came back online. This time running in an Amiga emulator and only available over the Internet. To login telnet to, port 2323. On many systems this can be done by opening a terminal and give the command

> telnet 2323
You can also use ssh with the username "bbs" and password "bbs".
> ssh
Alternatively a dedicated terminal program such as Syncterm or ZoC can be used. This will also allow you to do file transfers using ZModem.

Other options that are not as BBS oriented (e.g. no ZModem support) is PuTTY for Windows and iTerm 2 for Mac OS X.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind.

Also check out this short tutorial on how NiKom works.